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Best Exposure For The Best Opportunities”.

6,000 Circulation Quarterly In Popular Mail Order Tabloids Additional Circulation Via First Class Mailings

Plus This Online Edition and

On Several More High Traffic Websites

Print Edition Issued Feb., May, Aug. and Nov. Closing 1st of month prior to issue.

Rates Per Issue: 1” CR- $10 * 2” CR- $15 * 3” CR- $20

* 4” or 2.5x5” CR- $25

4x5”CR- $35 * 8.5x11” CR reduced to 5x8”- $55

8.5x11 web page online edition $35 - Only your ad will appear when someone types in

your unique web page address (URL) on their web browser.

Checks OK. N. Johnson-MediaTek Associates, 340 Hickshollow Road, Kingsport, TN 37660

No adult, gifting, chain or other objectionable ads. We reserve the right to reject any ad.

Free checking copy U.S.A. $5 elsewhere


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